So, i’ve actually made three of the Bacon/Beer Challenge ( recipes so far (well, this one makes four…) but never actually posted them…

Fortunately, this recipe is good enough for a couple guinea pigs to declare “OMG, these are so good! I need the recipe! Give it to me!!” (or something like that). So under the implied threat of death and/or dismemberment, here’s the recipe found on

Cook 12 slices of bacon (deviation: original calls for 10, but i could cram 12 in, so i did) on a wire rack on a cookie sheet covered in aluminum foil (easier clean up). Cook at 400 degrees until appropriate level of crispiness is achieved (think i did 12 minutes… gonna aim for 20 next time). Chop up. Drain bacon fat in container for later use (but not today). Stage along with a cup of sliced almonds by stove.

Using a medium saucepan and candy thermometer,  combine 2 cups of butter with same amount of sugar with 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Heat on medium heat until it hits 285 degrees stirring periodically. It started boiling about 205 and may take its time at 250 (and i might have turned the temp up a bit out of impatience… probably…). When it hits 285 degrees, remove heat, add bacon and almonds, and stir until combined. Working quickly, pour it into a prepared container (e.g. 13 x 9 lined with foil). Stick it in the fridge for two hours, then move it to the freezer. Proceed to forget about it overnight…

When you remember it, remove it from freezer and break it apart. Stick back in freezer and melt ~3 cups of semi-sweet chocolate as directed by packaging. Grab a couple chunks from freezer, cover in chocolate, and set on wax paper. (If you leave it out, it might get soggy and crumble.) Repeat until you run out of the bacon/almond/toffee mixture.

Store in a fridge until mastication time comes around.


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