Last week while being “totally productive” by surfing the Internet by playing “Linkception”*, i stumbled across a page with a “little” list of recipes that use bacon and/or beer ( Since this immediately looked to be a worthwhile endeavor and challenges seem to be all the rage, i thought to myself “You know what? I’m going to make every last one of those recipes… but i’ll be SMART about it.”

By “SMART”, naturally, i mean that these are not the healthiest recipes, so i’ll pace myself and aim to do one a week on average. Also, “SMART” as i’ve been informed (once… or maybe forty-seven and a half times…) is an acronym that stands for… something… and should be used as a guide for making obtainable goals. Therefore, using this, my goal is:

Specific: Cook/bake every recipe on the list located on the previously mentioned website

Measurable: One recipe will be crafted every week on average. This will give the flexibility to work ahead (or, far more likely, play catch-up) to handle conflicts such as PT tests, vacations, et cetera. To aid measurement, stats will be posted at bottom of page (see bottom of post).

Achievable: Just have to make one recipe a week. (Sure this includes picking recipe, obtaining supplies, actually cooking, sampling, and finding guinea pigs to finish it off)

Relevant: This is a goal involving beer and bacon. ‘Nuf said.

Timely: This will start… today and continue until… Saturday, 12 March 2016. Clearly this will be more of a marathon than… well, a marathon.

So, this should be fun.

* Where you click a link, then another, then another, et cetera, until a link is found that is the inception of a recipe idea (A.K.A “That recipe looks amazing… and i think i can do that…”)

Post: 0 of 75

Recipes Remaining: All of ’em

Schedule: “Week 0” was supposed to be last week, so… BEHIND 1 WEEK