Yesterday was pie day, so being the ornery git that i am, and in the tradition of Cake vs Pie, a cake was made. Originally, it was going to be the “Incredibly Easy Toffee Cheesecake”, however there was some accusations that poor cheesecake was actually considered a pie. Seeking to stave off these wild accusations resulted in a quick Wikipedia check. There, it was discovered that it was invented by the Greeks who considered it to be cake (victory!). Of the two types cheesecake the Greeks had, the one that more closely resembles what is eaten today is known as placenta which… indicated any victory would be Pyrrhic at best. A real, undeniable cake was needed.

Cue the Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake (originally seen on, but the recipe at was actually used this time).

It’s fairly simple, make the Betty Crocker’s Triple Chocolate Fudge cake mix as directed substituting the water with milk (and further substituting 1/4 cup of milk with Kahlua is definitely recommended). Stick in crockpot. Mix chocolate Jell-O as directed and layer on top of cake. Layer 12 oz bag of (Tollhouse) milk chocolate chips on top. It did say not to mix, but i made the mistake of preparing it at home, then driving to work. Not saying the roads in Maryland are bad, but it was mixed more than it should have been by the time we arrived at work (didn’t affect end result, so…). Heat on low for ~2.5 to 3 hours (depending on how many people lift the lid to check on the “beans”).

The end result was pretty tasty and was an olfactory explosion. Despite being 3 rooms away, it could be smelled upon entering the building. The smell easily overpowered all of the wimpy pies (and there were a lot of them). When all was said and done, there was an excess amount of lava, so having graham crackers or some kind of cookie for dipping may be in order for next time.

Oh, and guess who found their password…